The Apprentice

the apprentice

This week saw mobile apps feature on The Apprentice, with the two teams competing to get the most downloads of their rapidly developed application. The teams both developed quite similar apps, based on a simple sound effects engine one playing animal noises the other regional insults. But what can you learn from the show? Well surprisingly quite a few things.  Firstly if you want to maximise your downloads go global – the regional insults did not travel globally and only appealed to a niche – so think about how your app will work in the global world of apps.
It was of course the marketing of the apps that generated a significant proportion of the downloads, things such as app descriptions, getting listed on review sites all drove the downloads. This is one of the reasons that we offer a tailored PR package to our clients to ensure their app flies of the app store shelves. Beyond that we also recommend the installation of tools that help word of mouth, using our social media module in your app.