The Mobile Web will it replace Desktop use?

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The Mobile Web will replace Desktop use?

Our daily Internet consumption moves away from the desktop/ laptop and is now more focused onto a smartphone. The infographic below gives insight to how mobile web is used worldwide. 1/3rd of the total population are using Internet and 1.2 billion people are mobile web users.

According to research 17.4% of Global Web traffic comes through mobile. People around the world are accessing the web via their smartphones more often than ever. The most common uses of mobile web are for playing games, checking the weather, maps/searches, keeping up-to-date with social media, music and news.

Smartphone hardware has matured and wireless data networks have advanced. Social media evolved through different platforms and user behaviors. People crave interpersonal interaction, the basic human need to connect and communicate with each other and mobiles are the most convenient way to do so.

Due to the success of social networking on mobile web throughout the globe, marketing experts use this as a platform to channel consumers and its proven effective as people respond to these ads.

Is Mobile Internet Taking Over Desktop Usage