The Rise of Mobile Gaming

On average 7.8 hours are spent on mobile gaming per month. Mobile platforms are taking over the world, and nothing gets more downloads or makes more money on iOS and Android than video games. (See infographic below)

Software platforms created by companies such as Google and Apple have enabled developers of all sizes to get their products in front of customers all over the world. Games fuel a great portion of the excitement that people have for touchscreen devices. Games make up 40 percent of all app downloads and around 75 percent of app-store purchases.

Overall, worldwide Mobile game apps accounted for $16 billion in spending, up 2.9 times from the year before. The game numbers got a big boost from large gains in game app spending in Asia. Game app spending grew 4.4 times in Japan and 5.8 times in South Korea. Apps are now the leading overall content category in Japan.