Top 5 Tips for a Great App (Part 1)


This is the first half (well actually 3/5ths) of a Top Tips for a great app:

Satisfy the customer’s needs before your own.
Everybody knows that the customer is always right. Really? Well, it’s at least true when it comes to mobile applications. After all if the customers aren’t satisfied with your product, they’re not going to use it. Before getting started on the app, take time to properly research your target audience. Make sure to cater for their needs, and perhaps even create a localised version of the app to target a more specific audience.

With the rapidly advancing technology, it’s easy to get carried away. Remember that all devices do have their limits, even the iPad with its 1GHZ of processing power. Check out the platforms you want your app to run on and make sure that the requirements of the app won’t slow down less powerful processors. There’s nothing wrong with creating a simple app, as long as it does what it’s meant to do, and it will have the benefit of not slowing down the device it’s running on.

Make sure your app is user friendly.
Every app must be user friendly and easy to navigate without needing a manual! The design should also be aesthetically pleasing but not distract from the usability of the app. Each button should do as we would expect it to, since customers will be put off if the app is difficult to use; the point of a mobile app is that it is easily accessible on the go.

Here at Pocket App we can help you refine your app idea and ensure that your great idea becomes a great app. Final 2 tips to follow shortly.