Top 5 Tips for a Great App (Part 2)


This post continues with the final two tips for a great app.

Many people are not willing to pay for an app but are more than willing to download the free version even if it means putting up with a little bit of annoying advertising. Download statistics clearly show that free apps are generally much more successful. In fact, many paid-for apps that aren’t very successful hugely increase their position in the charts after a price cut.  It’s best to start out with a free app to gauge interest, and then offer a premium app which is paid-for if you think there will be enough interest.

Be able to sell the finished product
The most difficult part of launching a new app is getting it noticed amongst its competitors in the app stores. The first 2 weeks after the release of the app are the most critical. If it doesn’t get noticed in these 2 weeks, chances are it’ll just plummet to the bottom of the charts like many others. Be sure to have proper marketing campaigns in place right from the start to make sure people know about it.

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