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The successful launch of any product depends on an appropriate marketing campaign; even the most viral apps need a little help to get started!  As most app stores are over-saturated marketplaces, the right marketing strategy counts for everything; it is what separates the successful apps from the forgotten ones found at the bottom of the list.

To ensure the success of your app, we have expertise to deliver the full marketing mix of:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • SMS
  • Operator Relations
  • App Reviews
  • Social Media Placement
  • Marketing Analytics

PR & Publicity

Specialist media

We can conduct a full media outreach campaign to announce the launch of your application and arrange for it to be reviewed. We can write a compelling press release and distribute this to a minimum of 100 specialist app, tech and games magazines, websites and blogs. We can supply media with your demo video to maximise propensity to buy with their audience.


We provide 3 fortnightly reports detailing which publications have been targeted, as well as including comments from journalists, links to published articles including interesting quotes.



We  deploy an in-app banner and video campaign (utilising creative supplied).

Online banner ads

We offer specialist recommendations for where to buy space, and leverage editorial awareness .

Social Media

Facebook – we  target users by profile (CPC or CPM), and purchase followers.

Twitter – we  reach out to key Tweeters to generate reviews and increase followers.

Bloggers – we  reach out to bloggers to raise awareness and generate reviews (covered off in PR) for reviews and creating online buzz.

Search marketing

We manage a Google Adwords campaign for you to target both online and mobile browsers searching for relevant keywords all advertising will be tracked, analyzed and optimized .

App Store Optimisation

Search optimisation

We  help you write a compelling App Store description that is optimised for search, to improve discovery of your app on both the App Store and traditional search engines such as Google.

User reviews

We  organize 25 early user reviews to be published on the US App Store during your app’s first week of release. This is to help encourage tentative browsers that might otherwise be put off by a lack of user feedback.

Media quotes

We  also arrange for a selection of publications to review your application pre-release, providing some positive media quotes that can be included in your App Store description from the moment the app is launched.

Microsite Development

We can help communicate your app’s selling points in a controlled environment before channelling users onto the App Store. For paid for apps, we can utilise embedded App Store affiliate links to track conversion, so you can earn an extra 5% commission on sales, which you can reinvest in additional marketing.

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