11 ways to increase the App downloads


Once the app is released, there is still one challenge that comes our way – distribution. Even though there are only a few markets to go for (iPhone, Android, Windows), the app listing can seem like it’s almost entirely out of your control.

App Store Optimization is very similar to SEO, except that it can have a more significant impact on an app listing than regular SEO does on Google result pages. ASO is the process of increasing the visibility of the app in the market. The overall app market is worth billions and is estimated to grow by 143 billion dollars over the next year and a half. This means that even a slight improvement in the app ranking will bring tangible results.

1. App title- Use unique names and not those of popular apps, the nature of the app should reflect in the name and main description should be visible in the 25 characters since that is more visible.
2. Description – It should have the most important and relevant information and should list benefits and features.
3. Keywords – Use single keywords, list them in the order of importance, words used in the title should not be repeated
4. Icon –it should be consistent with the app design, words shouldn’t be used as they make it look messy, and it should be simple and represent the app.
5. Screen shots – Should highlight the most important and needed features, it should show the inside of the app, it should be simple and clear
6. App category – Choose the category that exactly fits the App and choose the group that’s less competitive.
7. Reviews – Ask friends to use app and give reviews, encourage writing longer reviews, use tools like Appsfire and Appirater to boost reviews.
8. Ratings – Display pop ups for reviews, offer upgrades and promo codes for 5 star reviews.
9. Localization – Localization means simply translating all of your app elements into whichever languages you decide to target. Localization can open the way to whole new markets where your English version won’t perform as well as a translated one
10. Pricing – Choosing the right pricing model plays a big part in app success. There are various models – completely free, free with ads, paid or freemium.
11. Traditional online marketing – Press coverage on relevant blogs and in magazines, App directory sites, Reddit type sites, Email marketing, PPC, Content marketing