Introducing Gamestacker

The Pocket App team recently teamed up with BBH London to help develop Gamestacker, the highly anticipated game trading network. Available for free on both Android and iPhone, Gamestacker was created to give gamers a way of discovering and trading 2nd-hand games near them, no matter where they are.

Gamestacker users can essentially use their profile as a hub for trading their games. You can offer your games for trade, search for people looking for your game or even just browse what games everyone else wants to trade to see if there’s something you want. So, basically, it gives you the opportunity to trade your games for other games rather than money or store credit.

As well as offering this new service, Gamestacker also provides a way to enjoy existing trade-in games on the market, providing substantial money savings along the way. The Gamestacker service through the compiling of all the trade-in values of games, allows users to see where they’re likely to get the best deal when trading in their games.

Find Gamestacker on Facebook, and Twitter and for more information visit the Gamestacker website.