4 steps away to making your app a success…

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Want to be the most seen?

What you need is a simple and effective app marketing strategy. Not many people realise how important the PR role is in this process, it’s not just about sending out emails and brief press releases. PR could actually be your most useful method for gaining new customers and here are some useful tips to get your app on the radar without having to hire a PR agency.

1. Twitter 

This social media platform has become increasingly popular and a great business tool to build connections with useful prospects before pitching an idea, you can retweet their posts or direct a tweet to them. Twitter is a great opportunity to get your app known by relevant journalists and tech bloggers by simply following them.

2. Landing Page

Rather than searching for you app through the App Store, journalists are more likely to use a search engine. So it’s a good idea to make sure there is a landing page so there is a website for them to reference, this will help increase rank for your app name.

Landing page must have:

  • Clean and simple design similar to your app interface
  • A quick and clear demonstration of what your app does (a short clip)
  • Clear call to action (App available on the App Store)

A good example of a landing page is Instagram.

3. Video Demo

Viewers would find it more engaging to watch a video demo instead of reading a dense amount of information about the app functions. Bloggers and journalists can quickly understand what the app does and how it looks, which are key insights to write about.

It could be a basic demo of the user interacting with the app and a voiceover or music in the background. Once the video is on the website, remember to share it on YouTube with the app title and description to gain more traffic.

4. A Great Story 

Beat the competition; what is great about your app?

There needs to be a strong background story that grabs the attention of users, stating what is different about your app and why it’s useful. Make the story engaging by answering possible questions that users may ask. Why is it needed and how does it stand out from other apps in the market? What part did you play in the project?

Try these tips and turn your app information into a neat press-package that journalists can easily search and write about.