5 Tips for Application Development

Phone with app

Follow these simple 5 mobile app development tips to deliver quality mobile applications that will build trust of your customers and get you more business:

1. Real-time Data Distribution

Mobile app users love to be up to date, so ensure your app adds real value by using live data wherever possible – this might be anything from latest takings data from the shop floor, to stock levels in the factory through employee on site. You may need to engineer a middleware layer to enable legacy system never designed for exposing an API, but that is what we help our clients with.

2. Accurate Responsiveness

Responsiveness is something which you cannot compromise on your mobile applications. You cannot judge what mobile devices your staff or customers will be using while accessing your mobile apps. Their experience will decide on the success or failure of your mobile apps – think how patient you are of slow apps! So, consider responsiveness as a top most priority while developing mobile apps. And above all test on lots of devices.

3. High Scalability

It is easy to underestimate your mobile apps by limiting them to a certain amount of users. we think you should work on developing your mobile apps with the highest scalability options which is one of the reasons we use Amazon Web Services for many of the backends we build for clients. Imagine your mobile apps getting viral and more and more users are downloading your apps. More scalability in terms of more usage, space, speed, databases, etc. needs to be introduced automatically.

4. Cross-platform Accessibility

While developing any mobile applications, we don’t know what will be the future requirements of your customers or staff end-users, so it is worth planning your multiplatform approach. Unlike many we don’t have a cookie cutter approach, as every problem might have different answers, so mobile web, progressive app, cross platform and fully native all have their place – but only one will be right for your project. We will aid you through that decision-making process.

5. Security Measures

When you develop enterprise applications that transfers business-critical information, or consumer apps with personal data, you need to take care of the security breaches. Appropriate user authentication has to be designed in such a way that ensures the security of any sensitive information or data that is being accessed end to end, not just in the handset. We use a suite of testing tools to ensure the correct level of security for your app.


These are just 5 Tips for App Development, and even these show the complexity of decision making need to design an app, that is why we have business consultants, mobile specific designers, user experience experts, highly skilled developers, detail focused testers, dedicated project managers and a friendly smile to help you with your app.