An increase in the need for small business apps

Top Design Firms, a resource for finding creative agencies, has published that almost half (48%) of small businesses currently have mobile applications to connect with customers.

There has been a significant increase in mobile app usage among small businesses this year, as shown by the 16% increase from last year. In addition to this, around 27% of the remaining companies who do not currently have mobile apps, plan to invest in one in the coming years.

Within the new report for 2022, the company examined trends and shifts in the market, and how small businesses utilise their platforms.

Here are some of their findings:

Mobile apps are increasing in popularity — 48% of small businesses have an app in 2022, compared to one-third (32%) in 2021.

Mobile apps are a great way to boost customer loyalty, brand image, and employee efficiency, which is why more and more businesses are choosing to invest in one.

Small businesses are most motivated to create a mobile app to improve customer service (19%).

Through the use of mobile apps, customers are able to interact with your company 24/7, meaning that you have more chances to provide great service! This is particularly useful for small businesses who may not have the same manpower as the bigger companies.

79% of small businesses outsource the development of their app to either an app development team or a freelancer.

Having an in-house development team can be expensive for smaller companies, so outsourcing the work to a development agency or freelancer can take the stress out of building an app.

Small businesses are most likely to have apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Due to the even split between iOS and Android users, we recommend you consider both when building your app to ensure you reach as many users as possible.

It seems from these figures that companies are seeing the benefits of creating a mobile app for their business in order to better serve their customers. Pocket App have already seen a 30% increase in the number of enquiries for mobile apps since the beginning of 2022, with nearly two thirds of the work focussing on customer service and user experience. We hope this continues to grow as more shift to this new way of working and making that vital connection between you and your customers.