App Store Listing Optimisation: a simple way to get more app downloads

If you think that SEO (Search engine optimisation) for websites is very confusing, ASO (App Store Optimisation) the equivalent for mobile apps is basically dark arts! No one has really cracked the code yet… However, you can increase your chances of getting downloads by simply making the listing page of your app in the stores better. See below our top tips.

Create Eye-Catching Visuals

Visuals are extremely important in general, and even more when it comes to app store listings. App icon, screenshots, and preview videos are all great tools to showcase the features of your app. This will help potential users to get a better understanding of what your app offers and entice them to download it.

Write an Engaging Description

No one likes to read long texts, so your description should be concise yet informative. It should also include keywords related to your app so that it shows up in relevant searches. Additionally, make sure you highlight the unique features of your app and explain why users should download it.

Include Reviews & Ratings

Just like when you book an hotel room or buy a new pair of headphones online, reviews and ratings help potential users to make a decision and are super important for any app store listing. They give an idea of how other people have experienced the app, which is more powerful than any other marketing spiel for most of us. Encourage existing users to leave reviews and ratings on the app store page so that new users can see them.

Update Regularly

Make sure you keep your app store listing up-to-date with new features, bug fixes, and other updates. This will show potential users that you’re actively working on improving the app and encourage them to download it.

Here at Pocket App, our greatest joy is to see the apps we build for our clients doing well and bringing together incredible communities. Get in touch with our mobile experts to unlock more tips and make your app a success.