Apple Vision Pro AR Headset: A New Dawn in Spatial Computing

Apple, the tech giant known for revolutionizing consumer electronics, has taken a new step into the future of augmented reality (AR) with the launch of its new AR headset – the Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro is expected to make a big splash in the AR landscape when it launches next year.

The Vision Pro is primarily an AR device, but it can also transition between augmented and full virtual reality at the turn of a dial. The device is controller-free, and apps can be browsed by simply looking at them on the new operating system, visionOS.

The headset is built with an aluminium frame, curved glass, and features built-in “audio pods,” providing immersive spatial audio. It runs on the standard M2 chip, paired with a new R1 chip for video streaming. The displays are micro-OLED, boasting an impressive 64 pixels in the space of a standard iPhone pixel. Moreover, Apple teamed up with Zeiss to offer custom prescription glass inserts, providing a more personalised experience for users.

Vision Pro has been promoted as a work-first device promoting utility at it’s core with functions like users projecting their Mac desktop in front of them, suggesting Apple’s focus on productivity rather than gaming. However, gaming is not entirely absent. Games can be enjoyed on a large screen projection, providing an immersive experience, albeit different from traditional VR gaming.

The headset supports a new feature called “EyeSight” that uses a front-facing display to reveal your eyes to others in the room, offering an authentic representation of you on the curved front glass. This is just one of the many ways Apple is blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds, making the Vision Pro an exciting addition to the tech landscape.

With this new headset, Apple brings a new wave of spatial computing into the hands of businesses and developers, promising compatibility with Microsoft Office apps, video meeting services like WebEX and Zoom, and even the entertainment giant, Disney+.

The launch of Apple Vision Pro marks the beginning of a new era in AR, and as experts in mobile app design and development, Pocket App is excited about the opportunities this new technology brings. As we continue to innovate and create bespoke mobile app solutions for businesses, we look forward to exploring the potential of the Vision Pro and other emerging technologies.