Birmingham’s Genting Star City, will finally close its doors

Genting Star City opened in 2003 to much fanfare but in recent years there has been a decline in business, with the rise of casino gambling apps many believe is the final nail in Star City’s coffin. Gambling has always been a hugely popular past time, but since casino operators began to roll out digital alternatives it has meant that an entirely new audience of potential punters has been uncovered.

Thanks to the convenience of mobile app stores and Wi-Fi connections, more and more of us can use our smartphone to download and begin playing our favourite casino games in almost no time at all, from wherever we happen to be at the time. The growth of smartphone ownership alone has meant that those of all ages have begun to discover online gaming, and this new influx of gamblers – some of whom may have never even stepped inside a traditional casino – has helped see online operators consistently gain revenue.

The various factors such as user experience, engaging a larger age demographic, rising advertising opportunities and user mobility means the positive thrill of a real land-based casino can be felt right at home. Getting started literally takes minutes. Winning is always a bet away with some real possibility of winning huge money.

Also, the rise of mobile casino platforms has given opportunity for all people to experience what a real casino feels like in the virtual table. In addition to this, it has brought about the kind of simplicity that people who were originally locked out wanted to experience before participating. What this means is that barriers that used to exist in the traditional casino are now broken. Newbies can now participate without the need to learn some traditional casino etiquette. They can even take part in these games without worrying that they will be looked down upon by expert casino enthusiasts who sit the whole day in a land-based casino.

The key drivers in online casinos are;

Access to larger demographic
The rise in millennials using remote gaming apps alignment with rising number of young adults that are turning to the online gaming industry, due to a number of factors that have played a role in luring millennials to online gambling. These factors include improve accessibility to online gambling sites via mobile devices and the gaming industry is adapting to growing number of millennial customers.

The cost of downloading an app or joining a mobile casino aside, the price of gambling itself can be significantly cheaper online than in a walk-in casino. Players of games such as poker and blackjack can join a game on some mobile sites from as little as £5, a significantly lower cost than if they were to sit and play at a casino table.

User experience/benefit
Mobile play is driving the numbers. With so many people now owning tablets and smart phones, more opportunities are being unleashed for people to play on the go. Online casino site operators have ensured that their sites are user-friendly and mobile-responsive. This ensures that users are getting PC experience on mobile display.

With so much convenient features to rely on, online casino popularity is on the rise because of these driving force which is characterised by so many exciting features.

Our prediction for the casino app industry is therefore much the same as it is for the majority of industries that are embracing mobile app development to improve their business strategy. As long as developers appreciate their audience’s desire for an app that allows them to simply and efficiently manage what is important to them, whether that be social or business, the app market is only going to keep on growing. If you’re looking for some expert help, or would like to hear more about how your business can benefit from mobile gambling, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pocket App, on