Bridgestone App now available for download

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Pocket App is proud to announce the release of a new App for Bridgestone Europe, a commercial vehicle tyre pressure monitoring system for smartphones. The app captures pressure readings from Bridgestone’s TPMS sensors using a Bluetooth Transceiver.

Transmitters attached to the valves of each tyre send data to the Bridgestone Capture Pack (BCP), which is then received by the smartphone. The number of tyres that are under minimum air pressure will be displayed, indicating which tyres need to be serviced .

Why is this Tire Pressure Monitoring System valuable?

Road safety. Under-inflated tyres can be dangerous. A tyre running consistently at low pressure is more likely to fail through casing fatigue. On a commercial vehicle this failure can lead to tyre blow-outs, with potential road obstacles for other road users. A tyre pressure monitoring system keeps an eye on tyre inflation for maximum safety in everyday driving situations.

Lower fuel consumption. Proper tire inflation also leads to maximum kilometres per liter for a vehicle. Driving with under-inflated tyres can burn a lot more fuel on any given trip. Good tyre pressure maintenance leads to cost savings and lower fuel consumption.
No more manual tyre pressure readings. Before tyre pressure monitoring systems, drivers had to always monitor their tyre pressure with manual gauges. That meant kneeling down to each tyre, taking off the valve stem cap, and inserting the tyre pressure gauge. With new tech tyre pressure monitoring systems, this is no longer necessary.

Increased casing value. Commercial tyres are commonly re-treaded one or more times. Running at the optimal pressure increases the likelihood that the casing is fit to be re-treaded. This in turn means that the fleet can get more value out of the tyres.
Pocket App has years of experience to working with third party solutions and the ability to integrate various other products such as Bluetooth, wearables and ibeacons to create mobile solutions to meet client requirements.


Note:- Functions only in combination with the Bridgestone Capture Pack.