Brits look at their phones 10k times a year!


A recent survey has revealed us Brits check our smartphones more than 10,000 times a year – but almost 4,000 of these instances are done completely out of habit.

A survey of UK smartphone users has revealed we will unlock our phone around 28 times every day, but of these ten are compulsive acts, checking with no particular goal in mind.

One in ten phone smartphone addicts even confesses to opening their device more than 60 times everyday. In fact, just over a third of smartphone users would describe themselves as addicted to checking their device.

Greg Tatton-Brown, spokesperson for the online casino who conducted the survey said “Our smart devices have become an essential part of modern life, and checking them regularly is second nature for most users. However the instances of compulsive checking are much higher than we would have imagined, showing our phones are as much a habit as they are an aide to our busy lifestyles and an immediate source of entertainment, from wherever we are.”

In the survey of 2,000 smartphone users, Facebook was identified as the top app we are compelled to check in with most regularly. Free instant messenger service WhatsApp took second in the table followed by Google email. Online auction house Ebay, video sharing service Youtube and Facebook Messenger all made it into the top ten.

However, when asked which app they considered to be most useful to them, Facebook was unseated from the top spot by Google Maps, utlity over entertainment, with WhatsApp and Gmail both appeared ahead of the social media giant in terms of utility. In the social stakes, the average Brit has two social media apps downloaded on their phone. Forty per cent named Facebook as their favourite social app, followed by Instagram and Twitter.

Despite using them every day, seven per cent of Brits couldn’t tell us what ‘App’ was an abbreviation of!