CWGC War Graves app now available for download!

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Pocket App is proud to announce the release of the CWGC War Graves app, a powerful tool to discover and research any of the 23,000 or more war grave and memorial sites maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. In collaboration with Authored Apps and the Commission, the app was produced to help you discover and find out about the cemeteries, burial plots and memorials to those who died in the two world wars.

The app will be of huge benefit to both WWI and WWII enthusiasts, history students of all ages and family researchers. CWGC war grave and memorial sites are not only an extraordinarily poignant feature of Northern European battlefields, they are to be found throughout the UK and in more than 153 countries across the globe including the deserts of North Africa and the jungles of the Far East.

This app is available in iOS, Android and Windows. Download it to have authoritative CWGC information about any war grave site with you wherever you are, search for war graves near you, or nearby a remote destination, get directions to any site and access and download hundreds of image galleries.