Design trends in 2022 -What we think you should look out for.

Mobile UI design trends are always changing every year with new technologies and new approaches on design. The growth of mobile applications has increased, with many designers keeping up with the newest trends on the market.

With many different types of articles, stating a variety of mobile trends, we have highlighted a selection of design trends that we feel will largely take off and be impactful that can become good practise for any UI designer.


If you use social media, you may have noticed emojis in your messages. They are so widely known and recognisable that they are now used in mobile app designs. Nowadays, UI designers have incorporated emojis into their apps because it brings a sense of familiarity towards the user.

Naturally, the app becomes easier to understand with emojis present because users immediately recognise the mood behind each emoji. The key thing with using emojis in design is to not overdo it because it will only overwhelm the user.

90s style

The 90s are making a comeback in 2022 with their retro designs making their way into digital apps. Look out for the vivid colours, visible shadows, pixelated typography and pictures and bold fonts that are all features of the 90s style. 


Another UI trend that’s coming this year is brutalism. The main characteristics of brutalism include sharp corners, bold unusual typography, lots of photos and a black and white colour palette. 

Brutalism is a unique design style where there can be a lot of projects that may not best suit a mobile application. However, it does not mean to say it cannot be explored more in artistic projects.


There is no doubt that micro interactions will be a huge trend in 2022. It has become a must have in any form of digital design.

Micro interactions are when there are a lot of actions focused on a single task. This allows the user journey to become smoother and brings a friendlier feeling towards the product. Adding a little animation here and there also contributes to the overall mood of the app and communicates your brand. Similarly, to emojis the aim is to not go overboard so you don’t overwhelm the user. 

Social Media

Many apps now contain elements from social media, like stories and comments. Whether it is a health tracker or helpful advice, users love to scroll to find useful information and share their experiences. For example, Flo, the women’s health app has a social media feed filled with anonymous chat rooms allowing users to feel safe and connect better to targeted questions.

Stories within apps are special because it highlights information, announcements and demonstrate products easily and quickly to users. 

VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality have been around for a long time; however, it does not mean that in 2022 these technologies will not increase and become bigger and better. 

AR is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t require any extra hardware. For example, you can design your whole living room through your camera to help you visualise the perfect setting. 

Personalisation through AI

Finally, artificial intelligence is a must in 2022. This type of technology can be adapted to all types of situations, from chatbots to AI suggested products. 

Though this feature is not a must have, it helps when gaining users further on. The main tool for AI is a personalised experience and many apps and there are many products that use AI to gain this from personalised Netflix shows to recommended products in Amazon. 

Final thoughts

While there are many more trends that are showing up, these 7 trends listed can be seen as the ones to look out for. But remember, some trends come and go, some trends can become one of the best practices for UI and UX creating a better experience for the user.