Everyone wants to launch or develop an app but how should I go about it?


Lots of enterprises are seeing real potential to increase brand recognition and efficiencies with mobile solutions, and many companies are trying to push out their own apps even though many of them have no idea how to make one.
Ask any enterprise what their solution turnaround time looks like and you will most likely be greeted with frowns. A recent statistic showed that approximately 85% of enterprise businesses are facing an app development backlog. When mere 6% of all enterprise believe that they have the necessary in-house team to design and build their apps, it is not surprising so many are facing a backlog.

A Good Company
When looking for the right mobile app development company treat the search like you would treat any other professional service. References are always a good place to start and any legit mobile app dev company should be more than happy to provide you with a list of satisfied clients.

The Value of  Experience
Experience matters. It shows that the company or professional knows how to build an app to a client’s specifications, ship it on time, and on budget. But, that is only half of it. The truth is that developing mobile apps requires agility. It requires a mobile app developer to adjust with the ever-facing landscape of the mobile app world and your changing business. Some of our extensive case studies are here.

Should You Outsource Your Next Mobile App Development Project?
If you’re still on the fence on if to partner with an app developer, ask yourself these questions. Does my company have the dedicated resources to produce the app(s)? Not just developers, but designers, user experience experts, server engineers, etc Does my in-house development team have the agile capabilities required to adapt to changes in technology and market? Do I even have the talent required to pull this off? If you hesitated for even a second, you should be considering an app development company.

Why Hiring an App Development Company?
We can all agree that freelancer have their perks. However, Pocket App believes companies are a more reliable partner when it comes to outsourcing. Unlike freelancers, companies have the infrastructure in place to meet your needs and tackle the various challenges along the way. Most importantly, the manpower a company has allows you to make your app grow in the future in countless different directions. Finally, it will provide you with the safety of knowing that there will always someone occupying the position in charge of your app.

Are you a mobile app project owner? If you want to know more about hiring the best mobile app development company for your app project, contact us at Pocket App here.