Google Launches Tag Manager For Mobile Applications


In a bid to make life easier for developers and brands, Google recently launched Google Tag Manager for mobile applications. Google first previewed Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps at its I/O 2013 developer conference. The new software allows developers to publish their app a single time; from then on, they can change configurations, add analytics, re-marketing, and conversion tracking without having to go through the standard update process.

Just like the Web version, Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps is free. Developers can add tags to their native Android and iOS apps and check key events in three easy steps:


  • Include the new Google Analytics Services SDK (Android, iOS) in the app. This new unified SDK includes both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics functionality while sharing a common framework.
  • Push interesting and important events to the Data Layer. Once events are registered on the data layer, they can be used to trigger Google Tag Manager Tags and Macros.
  • Use Google Tag Manager’s web-based interface to write Rules and determine when various Tags should fire.

Google has also said that mobile interface will be similar to the web based version and will have the same style Tag Templates, Rules, and Macros. Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps natively supports the following: AdWords Conversion Tracking, AdWords Remarketing, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps (Universal Analytics) tags, custom and third-party tracking events using the custom tag.

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