HQ Trivia quiz app introduces social features and tops 2M player in a single game

Screenshots of HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia, the mobile quiz app sensation, has introduced social features for the first time. The feature has been called, “Friends on HQ,” and lets users search for, and connect with, their friends and family through the app.


Once connected, Friends on HQ shows progress and achievements, and if anyone is playing a quiz game. The feature is apparently the first in HQ Trivia’s new social features, according to a statement provided to TechCrunch.


Friends on HQ is available to UK players now, and will be introduced to the US in the near future. The app’s parent company, Intermedia Labs, has recently completed a $15m funding round, and is actively pursuing sponsored deals with big brands, and building a connected user base will be important to these plans.


Last week also saw the online live game draw it biggest audience yet with over 2M players for its jackpot game!