Mental health apps go crazy


During April mental health and mindfulness apps were flying out the door with more than two million more downloads compared to January 2020.

This is according to data by Sensor Tower highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on the app economy.

Top English Language Mental Wellness

The top 10 mental health and mindfulness apps generated a whopping 10 million downloads in April, up 24% from January.

One of the top performing mental wellness apps in terms of downloads was Calm with 3.9 million downloads, followed by Headspace (1.5 million downloads) and Meditopia (1.4 million downloads).

In the US, the top 10 meditation apps saw downloads jump 17.6% to 4 million during the spring months. Calm boosted installs by 30.7% month-over-month.

Meanwhile, Headspace and Reflectly ranked second and third.

In the UK, growth was much less impressive at 2.2% during April at 803,000 new installs.

Calm and Headspace ranked at the top with 254,000 and 172,000 downloads, respectively.

Synctuition Mediation was the fastest rising mental wellness app in the UK at a 39x boost in downloads to 44,000.