Mobile App Designers UK

Trust in our mobile app designers UK

In today’s world there is an app for just about anything. Whether you want to order food, book tickets or use a certain service, you can find it all on the App store.

With this in mind, more businesses are beginning to find ways to get involved so they can increase user engagement and brand awareness. If you’ve got an idea for an app that will launch your business to success, we’re here to help.

At Pocket App we specialise in helping clients through the process of building an app, from concept to the final deployment.

How do we work?

We use our very own system called “The 4-D Process” that helps us to cover every element of the app design process. This includes:

Discover– Lasting 2-3 weeks we’ll begin with a workshop, research and analysis, functionality audit, user personas and journeys and creating a roadmap.

Design– Lasting 6-8 weeks this process focuses on UX Wireframe, concept generation, high fidelity user interface, interactive prototype and user testing.

Develop– Lasting 3-6 months we’ll focus on functional specification, system architecture, concept generation, high fidelity user interface, user acceptance testing and release candidate.

Deploy– The last step in our process, which is on going, will look at release management, support and maintenance, framework updates, server monitoring, user feedback and continual development.

To see how we can get started with your app ideas, get in touch with our team today.