MWC 2019 Wrap up


Mobile World Congress, or as the GSMA want it to be known going forward MWC, was last week (24 Feb-28 Feb 2019) in sunny Barcelona. So what should brand and enterprise be taking away from this year’s tech fest? And what should we be investing in now, and in the future?

There were a few key themes, the first is the one that probably made consumers radar, and that was folding phones. There were offerings from several providers including Samsung, LG, Huawei. What is yet to be seen is will the consumer pay a significant premium that is going to be charged – us early adopter likely will, but not so sure on the wider appeal.

Another key theme is 5G, this has been a show feature for the last few years but this year consumer handsets where on display, so it looks like it is actually coming soon. The speeds offered by 5g are truly astonishing, one demo showed a handset achieving 2.9 gbps! Meaning a fullHD 4k movie of 20Gb could be downloaded in a matter of seconds. The real benefits of 5g are the enabling of smart cities, IOT and connected cars and similar. The data flows enable powerful off device computing, and the rapid exchange of data locally. Certainly, an exciting era is about to start.

Alongside 5g the the other big theme was security, particularly with reference to the Internet of Things (IOT). Clearly, while IOT devices can gather a lot of data for good they could also be highjacked. The coming world of connected devices is going to need increasingly sophisticated security to protect the user and company data. Mobile App security is something that the team at Pocket App have been designing into apps and mobile solutions for enterprise clients for years. The new generation of connected devices will need even more focus on device security.

As always Pocket App is thinking about how these changes and other changes might offer opportunities for our customer and potential clients from enabling sales team, through employee engagement to business process improvement . We have a deep understanding of the practical application of mobile technologies for businesses and enterprises, so if you would like to speak to one of our team of mobile specialists please contact us here, or call us on 020 7183 4388.