New iPhone, new OS, should I upgrade?


So the iPhone7 has been launched, and I have to say bit of a let-down, even the fans are struggling to point out the benefits. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with both featuring an additional front facing camera, so you can have foreground and background in focus, and its water resistant as expected but that was about it. The new phone suffers from the loss of a headphone jack which I think people will find rather annoying. Overall would say maybe wait till next year’s phone unless desperate for an upgrade – or need to swim with your phone.

There is also the new OS10, however I would recommend existing iPhone users do not update to iOS10 as our recent experience has been that it is disappointing initial release. We advise you to wait until iOS 10.1 unless your favourite apps demand an update.

On the subject of OS updates, you may well want to consider updating your app to the latest OS to ensure it will work seamlessly for new handsets, and clients upgrading. Please contact your account manager to discuss further.


Paul Swaddle