One Week to Go! Webinar 12th October, 9am BST- Hospitality – Do I really need a mobile strategy?

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As we all know, the hospitality sector is facing a number of pressures, from rising business rates, increasing rents and, of course, cost-of-goods inflation. With this melting pot of spiralling costs, it’s more important than ever to do all you can to improve operating margins by working smarter, faster and more efficiently.

To that end technology, and mobile more specifically, is a significant enabler. Mobile is not a future trend, it’s here now and it’s growing, so the answer to the question that many within the hospitality sector are asking— “does my hotel really need a mobile strategy”—is an emphatic yes.

During this webinar Pocket App Co-Founder and Chairman Paul Swaddle and Design Director Jake Davis will:• Discuss 8 different ways in which mobile can help in the hospitality industry
• Provide insight into the mobile needs of your consumers via findings from a conducted survey
• Outline 3 of the most important functions of a mobile app for the hospitality sector
• Discuss the 4 stages of app development
• Getting stakeholder engagement and signoff
• Designing for internal users
• Cross platform vs native development
• Security and corporate IT
• Release options and strategy