Pocket App CEO Paul Swaddle talks about mobile users neglecting text message in favour of a modern and shiny App


In 2015, some 66% of adults and a staggering 90% of 16-24 year olds in the UK owned a mobile phone, and businesses are scrambling to utilise this to improve their services, get a leg up on their competitors and ultimately win customers, and the gaming industry is no different.

Despite the plethora of customer engagement options available to businesses today, it is important to remember that there still times when text is best. One of the first and most groundbreaking features of the mobile phone, SMS truly revolutionised the way we communicate. Still a cornerstone feature of every mobile on the market today, the use of the text message for social purposes has diminished in recent years in favour of alternatives such as Whatsapp and the built-in instant messenger services on many of today’s social media offerings.

But does SMS still have its uses?

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