Pocket App develops new responsive website PostBug.com

London, 13th April 2017- Pocket App, the UK’s largest independent app developer, is proud to announce the release of PostBug, a responsive website which mixes the connectivity of social media with the impact of sending and getting physical post in the mail.

Operated by Mr.Postman Ltd, the PostBug responsive website service offers a fast and easy way to send personalised, paper mail from anyone to anywhere. Designed as a “many to one” service, it’s ideal for users with shared interests to write and send postcards and letters for various different causes and campaigns, via their mobiles, tablets or desktops. Items are priced at £1 each during launch. PostBug organises the printing and delivery of the physical mail to addresses on its database or to addresses provided by users.

PostBug has already been used by petitioners keen to stop fur being used at London Fashion Week, by Help Refugees in a letter-sending campaign to the UK Government and by the Green Party in its petition to rally support around its “Love democracy” campaign.

PostBug selected Pocket App to deliver the responsive website due to the organisation’s expertise in all things mobile and its rich heritage in helping businesses transform their processes through the design and implementation of mobile solutions.

Martin Loat, Co-Founder, PostBug comments: “Social media has become the number one tool for campaigners and pressure groups, but this channel is also very easy to ignore or quickly scroll through. Email is a quick and effective way of contacting people, but again can be easily ignored.

At PostBug, we’ve identified the need for a cut-through messaging service that ‘forces’ people to take notice – specifically when it comes to campaigning or supporting a cause – and so launched an easy-to-use online tool to send postcards – or formal letters –  to influential people to support a campaign or cause. The impact of something physical is undoubtedly much higher than digital noise. 500 emails or tweets are easy to ignore. 500 postcards in your office are not.”

The PostBug platform uses a database of known addresses of politicians, organisations and c-suite officials. In common with most commercial mailing, these addresses are not shown to the letter-writer, but they are printed on the letter enabling the post to be correctly delivered (in the UK) by the Royal Mail.

Paul Swaddle, Chairman and Co-Founder, Pocket App comments: “As the UK’s largest independent app developer we are well known for creating and delivering enterprise applications for large blue chip companies. That said our dedicated development team is equally driven in the creation of responsive websites such as PostBug, which enables people to seamlessly interact with the platform regardless of their mobile device. We are fully aware that digital is truly disrupting everyone’s everyday life, with people never more than an arm’s reach away from their device of choice.  With the development of this responsive website we have given the tradition of writing letters and sending postcards a new digital makeover.”

The PostBug responsive website can be found here:  www.postbug.com