Pocket App Launches Royal College Of Physicians Of Edinburgh Mobile App


Medical mobile solutions is an area where Pocket App has excelled for years. Having already developed and launched mobile app solutions for some of the biggest medical institutions and associations, Pocket App was commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to advise and manage the development of a Kidney Care app

We are now proud to announce that the mobile application has officially launched. The Acute Kidney Care (AKI) app is aimed at junior doctors and physicians to help them understand, diagnose and treat Acute Kidney Injuries. With an easy to use and intuitive User Interface, the application’s interactive tools enable better patient diagnosis, and increased doctor knowledge.

To make the app as widely available as possible, it has been developed on both major mobile platforms- iOS and Android for iPhone, iPad, Google Android phones and tablets.

Here at Pocket App we are experts at developing cross platform mobile health applications and consistently deliver relevant solutions to our clients.

Please get in touch if you are looking to build your own medical/ health applications, or just want to have a quick chat about your app ideas and we’ll see how we can help.

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