Pocket App’s Design Director Featured in the Web Designer Magazine


We are proud to announce that Jake Davis, our Design Director has been featured in the latest edition of the Web Designer Magazine, where he shares his insights on the debate between HTML5 and Native Apps.

Here’s a sneak peak of Jake’s view on this burning topic:

“It is without a doubt that you can make amazing HTML 5 applications, but they are exactly that – “HTML5” applications. For simple data driven applications that do not require any custom animations or fluid fading slide in UI elements, they do what they need to do in a more cost effective manner. However with the expectations of innovative transitions, elaborate user interface designs and an overall enhanced experience within consumer applications growing, HTML 5 is still second in terms of performance when handling these high calibre front end design expectations that we strive for here at Pocket App.

In such a fragmented OS market the simple concept of one app for all is attractive to many of our clients but we work with them to decide whether this solution will really meet the expectations of their end product. This one size fits all solution does come with trade-offs in performance, hardware limitations and will in many cases fall short in delivering the unique experience for each mobile operating system that its users have grown accustom to. This is highlighted more so on devices outside of apple’s domain with varying processing power and device specific browser issues accentuating performance problems.”