Sony aims to outdo Google Glass with Smart Eyeglass

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Japanese electronic giant, Sony, has decided to enter the smart eyeglass technology segment. The company has started taking orders for manufacturing SmartEyeglass Internet-linked eye wear. The company has taken a smart move as the demand for wearable gadgets is growing.

SmartEyeglass is a transparent lens eye wear that superimposes information onto the wearer’s natural field of view. It’s perfect for notifications and information layers on top of the visual world we experience.
Applications can access the sensor data from the accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, brightness sensor and microphone, and take pictures and videos from the built-in camera. SmartEyeglass connects to a compatible smartphone, where the apps are running.

The exchange of various types of data such as sensing information between SmartEyeglass and a wirelessly-connected smartphone, mean that depending on the smartphone application the device has the potential to be used in a wide range of usage scenarios. SmartEyeglass realizes even more convenient and enjoyable lifestyles for users by enabling them to obtain information hands-free, without the need to look away. For example, users will be able to view navigation information while walking, check a recipe while cooking without taking their eyes from their hands, or view information related to a certain player while watching a sports game in a stadium.

Sony will release the software development kit for developers to improve user experience of SmartEyeglass. The company is encouraging developers and software enterprises to join hands in development of SmartEyeglass. Sony is planning the commercial release of SmartEyeglass in 2016. Company has target of developing fun and functional apps for SmartEyeglass so that people will be more interested in buying an eye wear gadget.

The introduction of wearable technology means there will be more potential for Pocket App to develop innovative and interesting apps that will coincide with wearable technology.