The 90 Day App Challenge Announces Season II…

90 day

The San Diego based, virtual Incubator team is very excited to announce the up coming season of the 90 Day App Challenge! The team, backed by the technical expertise of their UK based development team Pocket App, has successfully taken 18 members through their 1st Season and is ready to do it again!

This is the first time that the team has made any kind of public statement about the up coming season except at a recent seminar for the App Code in San Diego. The response at the seminar was phenomenal and seats are starting to fill up fast!

If you are interested in this exclusive, opportunity to learn high level app development, and be apart of something truly special in the mobile space then feel free to email the San Diego based team today!

The team is currently searching for six exceptional new members to make up their UK based group! Spots are very limited but all serious inquires will be considered. Contact email for The 90 Day App Challenge:

First time hearing about our Incubator program? Visit this link for more information:

Here is just a quick look at some of the apps from the 1st Season…