The Best Privacy Apps for Android Users

There are already many native Android settings and built-in software that protects Android devices from certain malware and security threats. There are, however, some additional third-party apps that can add another protective layer to your device if you feel it is necessary. Here is a list of our recommendations:

Privacy Dashboard:

If you are still using an older Android version and cannot yet access the information on Android 12’s native feature, an app called ‘Privacy Dashboard’ can be downloaded to emulate the software, enabling you to view what permissions have been accessed by which apps and when.

The app is free to download and does not require access to the internet in order to run.


Bouncer gives you the ability to grant permissions on your apps temporarily. For example, if you wanted to tag a location within an app, but don’t want that app to be able to use your location whenever it wants, Bouncer will remove this permission once you exit the app.

Bouncer costs £1.79 in the Google Play Store and can be used on any Android device.

Keeper Password Manager:

Password managers are useful tools for those of us that want to create a unique, secure password without worrying that we will forget it or having to write it down somewhere. One example of this is Keeper, which can be used on your Android phone as well as other devices such as tablets and computers!

This app is free from the stores but requires a subscription once downloaded.

Authy Authenticator

Similar to Microsoft’s own Authenticator app, Authy uses two factor authentication to keep your online accounts safe, but you can add the protective layer on multiple sites. The Authy app requires a second form of authentication – such as a unique code – as well as just your password, when logging into accounts that use sensitive information.

The Twilio-owned app is free to download and allows for easy code copying and even app-level fingerprint protection too!


Most document and photo apps, including Google Docs and Photos, use some level of encryption when transferring files. However, for full end-to-end data encryption you may have to look for alternative solutions.

Cryptee provides the highest amount of protection when transferring your material, making sure if can never be accessed by external parties. This app can be used on any type of file storage, but the most common are documents and photos.

Cryptee is free to download and comes with a basic storage package. Once you exceed 100MB of space, you will be charged a subscription starting from €3 / month.