The challenge of user retention

User retention is one of the biggest challenges for app developers. Apps Flyer recently published a report stating that half of Android apps are uninstalled within 30 days of download in 2022. And half of those were deleted within the first 24 hours.

Looking at categories, games suffer from the highest uninstall rate at 66%, followed by social apps at 60%. At the other end of the spectrum, travel apps take the crown with the lowest uninstall rate at 31%.

Uninstall rates by app category

It’s no surprise that organic users are more loyal than non-organic users with uninstall rates 28% lower on average for the former. More surprisingly, the report also reveals that uninstall rates in developing countries are 28% higher on average than in developed countries. AppsFlyer suggests that this could be due to iOS devices having larger storage spaces and therefore less of a need to uninstall apps to free up space.

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