Industry Insights- The Opportunities For Health-Focused Mobile Apps


In our second industry insight report we will be looking into the current state of mobile health and the vast opportunities it brings. mHealth is one of the fastest growing areas in the mobile field and is being being widely tipped as THE growth area to watch. You need only look at the number and size of the various conferences up and down the country, dedicated to mHealth.

The reasons for this shift is very simple. The healthcare sector lends itself perfectly to mobile technology; dealing as it does in people along with vital data and information relating to those patients. For too long the NHS has been riddled with antiquated processes that are quite simply inefficient. With the emergence of mobile technology and ever greater innovations in the field, there has been an unstoppable gather of momentum.

The possibilities of mobile technology and its applications are ever more apparent for all to see. Much to it’s credit the healthcare sector has been very forward thinking in its desire to leverage these innovations to solve real human and technological issues, both in the hospital environment and also for patients at home.

This drive has been facilitated by not only the various NHS hospitals and Trusts but also a plethora of private health related technology companies who have taken it upon themselves to seek out opportunities, solve health related issues and pitch those smart solutions to the health sector. Activity in this area is at an all time hight and is set to continue at a rapid pace.

From a personal perspective here at Pocket App, we have noticed a surge in interest for mobile solutions from the medical field and our experience in this area is growing further- with our long-standing partnership with Med ePad and our work with Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh and various NHS hospitals. We’re seeing and implementing innovations both for the hospital environment- helping doctors, nurses and administrators better manage their time and resources through to helping to empower patients in their own homes through the use of smartphone technology.

mHealth is one sector to definitely watch and fortunately for Pocket App, we’ve got front row seats.