The shift towards first-party data and the cookie-less future

Collecting first-party data is a big priority for most major brands nowadays, and it’s not just us at Pocket App saying it. Kantar and Google just published a study in which 155 retailers explain why apps are so important to drive customer loyalty and lifetime value.

See the study here:

86% of the retailers surveyed recognise that first-party data is a core pillar of their app strategy, allowing them to deepen the relationship with customers. The advertising industry is moving away from cross-platform identifiers, such as third-party cookies making it more important than ever to build a solid foundation of first-party data. And apps are a powerful channel to build direct relationships with customers and create brand loyalty by improving the shopping experience. A loyal customer who trusts your brand is a lot more likely to share personal information with you given the right incentives, such as improved convenience.

At Pocket App, we believe that private social network/user community apps that users love offer digital marketers a powerful way forward to collect this valuable first party data everyone is so focused on now. Take our work for, one of the UK’s biggest online plant retailers. Designed to bring together the gardening community and grow first-person data, we developed the social app Iris, which allows users to post photos and ask questions to the community. It also features a plant identification tool powered by machine learning, and an Inspiration section where Crocus can promote its own content.

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