Web app vs hybrid app vs native app


Everyone has a mobile, some more than one. There is no doubt that the mobile phone has made things easier for everyone. From shopping to banking, all can be done with the pocket technology in a few clicks. Many businesses and enterprises have started developing their own apps, with the help of experienced app developers like Pocket App. By developing amazing user experiences for their customers and staff.

Now there is an app for everything, sometimes for things that should not have an app. The first decisions should not be what type of app, but rather what problem needs solving. Only then can an appropriate technology solution be designed.

As technology is constantly changing, so are the mobile solutions. Over the years, its numerous types have been introduced in the market. Let’s take a look:

  • Native apps- They are developed to work on the single operating system only. An app built for iOS won’t run on a platform other than its own. Some notable advantages are that they offer high performance and better user experience.
  • Hybrid apps- They are created with the help of multi-platform technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, React Native, Xamarin). Fast speed and intuitive development are some clear benefits of these apps.
  • Progressive Web apps (PWA)- They are termed as responsive versions of websites that operate seamlessly on any mobile device. They occupy less space of the device’s memory.


All of these apps need to be built to cater the needs of the end user, only by fully understanding the user can an appropriate mobile app be designed. One thing you should never forget is that for creating an app, it is required to have a solid development strategy that ensures good return on the investment.


To stay ahead of the tech curve, we would highly recommend businesses to have their own mobile solution. Our team at Pocket App are here to help deliver that user centric designed mobile solution.