What apps can do for you

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Regardless of vertical market, be it healthcare, logistics, finance, gambling or retail, progressive organisations are digitising both internal and external processes, maximising the use of enterprise applications to help streamline their processes. From a consumer perspective, the gambling industry has made great use of applications to better engage with its customers and provide a greater overall customer experience, however, when it comes to internal processes, is the industry missing a trick by not making more use of enterprise apps?

Over the course of my career, I have helped a number of companies looking to harness enterprise apps to maximise aspects of their business such as branding, sales enablement tools and other back end processes. Let’s face it, with the explosion of mobile and apps, enterprise mobility is a “must have” for any competitive business, and what industry is more competitive than the gambling industry? I’ve outlined below a number of ways that mobile gambling companies can gain greater business efficiency, streamline business processes and increase worker productivity simply by implementing a mobile strategy.


“Policing a brand” is the term used to define the process of ensuring clear and consistent brand communications to your customer, thus having more control over the experiences and associations that people have with your business. For example, a leading UK supplier of coconut water came to Pocket App to develop a solution to update its existing paper based internal operations which was an issue for the organisation. Aimed at its field staff, who manage the collection and maintenance of data on their vendors and suppliers, the app has enabled the company to automate previously manual processes while also presenting a uniformed and consistent image to its vendors and suppliers. Additionally, this application also combines reports and analysis for sales and national coverage for its products. This might not feel like branding, but branding is as much—if not more—a strategic and methodical process as it is a creative capability. A coherent look and feel of all branded communications is critical for any company, but particularly for gambling companies who need to build a solid brand and image across their estate or venues.

Sales enablement tools

Sales enablement tools focus on the implementation of strategies, tools and processes that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation sales team. This type of tool could be applicable to many in the gambling industry, for example, the team at Pocket App was tasked by a leading international technology manufacturer to develop a comprehensive sales tool for the company’s salesforce. The platform features access to product catalogues; presentations; meeting planner and number of calculator tools to assist staff during client meetings and new business opportunities. The sales enablement app allows the sales team to sell effectively at each sales appointment without the need to take a multitude of physical devices to demo. The app arms the sales person with the critical data they need in a timely manner before and during every meeting. Imagine being able to demo any product in your portfolio with the click of a button.

Lead generation

Let me provide another example, we developed a number of multiple assessment and calculator tools for a leading American multinational computer technology corporation. The app generated reports include key insights, graphs and charts which help the businesses to make informed decisions for future planning and growth. This sort of solution might well be suited for those selling into the casino industry, allowing comparison of different mixes of machines or table formats, and comparing to industry averages. Of course, to get the information you have to give up your contact details, allowing the sales team the data they need.


An integrated communication app adds effective streamlined communication across the board. This would allow companies adopting this strategy to deliver better internal communication, and create better streamlined external communication. This can be done by providing important information to employees such as company news, corporate directories, security, information about local amenities and more. Also, important announcements can be sent across company-wide or in-app alerts ensuring employees are always aware of the latest updates. The app can also be extremely valuable, and becomes even more-so when it is personalised based on the users’ location or role. The ability to provide real-time information on any number of important workplace activities can transform the way communication takes place. For example, Pocket App developed an innovative app for a leading Japanese bank. The app enables direct contact with employee base, providing a handy and accessible way to get at the information that previously was lying unused on the company intranet. It also included a desk locator for their entire UK staff, so that even though it was a hotdesk office, you could still find who you were looking for. This sort of solution suits anyone with a dispersed workforce such as a high street chain, or where the staff are not generally desk bound such as land casino.

Creating an enterprise mobile strategy will offer companies within mobile gambling a competitive edge. The importance of internal corporate app features give the employees a self-service way to discover and use mobile apps created by the business for their work activities. As mentioned, such features offer an automated approach to previously manual processes, simplifying processes and create and speeding up productivity. In short, here at Pocket App, we are big believers that your app needs to offer benefits to both your consumer and your internal business and we expect to see a flood of companies increasingly offering new features and developments over the next few years. If you’re looking for some expert help, or would like to hear more about how your business can benefit from enterprise apps, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pocket App, on paul@pocketapp.co.uk