Your iPhone Gets a Major Upgrade Today – Here’s What You Need to Know

Apple’s September tradition continues as the tech giant gears up for the release of the iPhone 15 by unveiling iOS 17, a significant software update for its existing devices. This update brings a host of exciting new features to all iPhones from the last five years, including a game-changing improvement to autocorrect.

iOS 17 introduces a range of innovative features that enhance your iPhone experience. Here’s a glimpse of what you need to know:

Standby Mode: Transforming Your Device into a Smart Display

For those who keep their iPhones by their bedside, Standby Mode is a game-changer. Simply place your device on charge and in landscape mode, and it transforms into a bedside smart display. You can customize it to show widgets like the clock, calendar, photos, weather, and media playback controls. Standby Mode is designed for use with charging stands, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Interactive Widgets: Enhancing Your Home Screen

iOS 17 takes widgets to the next level by making them interactive. You can now use micro versions of apps directly from your home screen, eliminating the need to open them. This feature is perfect for quickly completing tasks like checking off items on your reminders list.

Calls and Messages: Personalized Contact Cards and Enhanced Voicemails

The Phone app introduces customizable contact cards, making incoming calls more informative. You can also share these contact cards with new acquaintances using AirDrop. Voicemails become more useful with live transcriptions, helping you decide whether to answer or ignore calls. You can even leave video voicemails via FaceTime. Messages receive a check-in feature, ideal for letting friends and family know your whereabouts and sending alerts when you reach your planned destination.

Voice Cloning and Accessibility: Giving a Voice to All

iOS 17 introduces voice cloning, enabling on-demand versions of your voice to read typed phrases. This feature is designed to assist those at risk of losing their ability to speak or those with speech difficulties. It falls under accessibility settings, alongside other new features like customizing Siri’s speaking speed.

Privacy and Security: Enhanced Password Sharing and Protected Browsing

iOS 17 enhances security and privacy. You can now share passwords in your iCloud keychain with trusted friends and family. Safari’s web browser adds facial recognition lock for private sessions. Messaging apps, including third-party ones, can flag sensitive photos and videos to prevent unwanted content.

Photo Recognition: Recognising Pets and Food Delights

The Photos app gains the ability to recognize and distinguish between animals, a win for multi-pet households. Additionally, when someone sends you a picture of delectable food, tapping the info button will provide an online recipe selection for similar dishes.

Mental Health: Tracking Mood and Well-being

The Health app, typically associated with tracking physical activities, now offers a way to monitor mood and assess signs of anxiety and depression. It’s a significant step towards holistic well-being.

Also remember, with iOS 17, the “Hey Siri” command is transitioning to the more easily activated “Siri,” so exercise caution when using voice commands.

Getting the Update

To get iOS 17, ensure your iPhone is compatible. While some older models may not receive the update, they will still receive essential security updates. You can enable automatic updates or manually check for the update in your settings under General > About > Software Update.

Exciting times await as iOS 17 enriches your iPhone experience with a range of new features and improvements. Upgrade today to make the most of your Apple device.