Top Tips for Mobile Apps

15 August 2011

I thought we should share a few tips on building a great app, something that we are rather passionate about here at Pocket App. DO build an app that.. Uses the unique features of the phone or tablet; eg camera, motion sensor, built in GPS. Encourages…


App Stores

8 August 2011

Here at Pocket App we are always thinking about how we can make things simpler for our clients and remove the complexity from mobile applications. Even for our experienced players navigating the…

magic formula

Magic Formula?

7 July 2011

Here at Pocket App we help our clients big and small make great apps. We often get asked what makes a great app? Unsurprisingly there is no magic formula, but there are…

the apprentice

The Apprentice

13 May 2011

This week saw mobile apps feature on The Apprentice, with the two teams competing to get the most downloads of their rapidly developed application. The teams both developed quite similar apps, based…


Rise of the Robot

17 April 2011

Android's recent announcement that it passed 3 billion downloads shows that the rise of the robot continues. Google has now announced that Android devices are being activated at the rate of 350,000…