Mobile App Development In London

Like many business owners, one of things you may be seeking is better productivity amongst your employees. If you have been searching for a mobile app development company in London to create something innovative for your business, we’re certainly the ones to choose. We have a great collection of applications created under our belt here […]

How to Maximize Your Teams Productivity Through Mobile Apps

Many enterprises only view mobile apps as software for consumers, but many employers forget that their employees are consumers as well. Most if not all employees will bring a smart device with them to work and it is about time that employers capitalize on this. Many of the old processes used in the workplace can […]

80% of time spent on mobile apps

The latest research shows apps are responsible for more than 80% of the time spent using mobile devices, with some countries reaching 95%. The enlightening data comes from ComScore’s new Global Digital Future in Focus report for 2018. Argentina tops the data at 95% of mobile time on apps closely followed by Mexico with 94%. Malaysia, Brazil, […]

London App Developers

Applications are an ever-growing and competitive business. If you’re looking for London app developers, our team at Pocket App know what it takes to ensure that your app is compatible and suited to your business’ needs. Our services have been used by some of the largest companies in the UK. We have created anything from […]

Mobile App Developers In London

Here at Pocket App we love nothing more than taking on new app development challenges for businesses across the UK. As award-winning mobile app developers in London, you can rest assured we’ll make every effort to provide your company with an amazing application. We provide fresh designs with innovative software ideas to ensure our customer’s […]